Nashville Opera's studio recording of Michael Nyman's The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat is now available from Naxos as well as Amazon and iTunes.

"Sjöwall was impressive in 'Difficulty' last year and is completely entrancing this time as well. Her voice is a bright light beckoning us forward; her total immersion in character takes us through Mrs. P’s denial, anger and finally tearful acceptance of the cruel disorder that has befallen her beloved. Her climactic singing scream of “Philistine!” at Dr. S is one of the most electrifying moments I’ve experienced in more than 40 years of attending live opera and theater performances. I hope Hoomes casts this brilliant artist in Nashville Opera presentations every time he has the chance." - Evans Donnell, ArtsNash

"Los Angeles-based soprano Rebecca Sjowall, who also appeared at Nashville Opera in The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, played the long-suffering wife from whom the title takes part of its name, and was particularly astonishing in this sphere. At times playful, but mostly heartsick, she was the character the audience empathized with the most. Neither the opera's main character nor its narrator, Sjowall's Mrs. P sang the word “philistine” with such heartbreaking anger-fear that I felt the need to make up a new word to describe it just now. At the performance, all I felt were goosebumps." - Laura Hutson, Nashville Scene

"Rebecca Sjöwall lends her powerful soprano to the role of Mrs. P, navigating her character’s journey through concern, denial, sorrow and acceptance. Her final aria is particularly poignant. And Matthew Treviño is simply mesmerizing as Dr. P, delivering a thoughtful interpretation of both his character and Nyman’s compelling score. Together with Sjöwall, Treviño demonstrates Dr. P’s use of music as a coping mechanism. No longer able to trust his eyes, he relies on his music to create structure and manage routine activities such as eating and dressing. Their chemistry in 'The Dressing Ritual' speaks volumes." - Amy Stumpfl, The Tennessean